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8-Way Variable Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier; 1 Input 8 Outputs Gain 5-20dB

8-Way Variable Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier; 1 Input 8 Outputs Gain 5-20dB

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RED Class 1, Blake 8-Way Variable Gain 5-20dB Masthead Amplifier (470-694MHz)

Triple Filtered Reception for Optimal Performance:

4G, 5G, and TETRA Compatibility

Elevate your reception quality with the RED Class 1, Blake 8-Way Variable Gain 5-20dB Masthead Amplifier. This CE/UKCA compliant amplifier offers exceptional performance, incorporating advanced 5G/4G LTE filtering and amplification for TV frequencies within the 21-48 band (470-694MHz). With its variable 5-20dB gain and low noise figures (<2.5dB typical), it ensures optimal signal strength and clarity. The amplifier features F-type connectors on both inputs and outputs for easy connectivity.

Designed to reduce interference from 5G/4G LTE signals, the amplifier exhibits excellent filter characteristics with >30dB suppression for frequencies below 400MHz. It is also compliant with Class 1 EN 303 354 standards for effective filtering of 5G frequencies. Additionally, the amplifier filters TETRA signals below 470MHz.

The amplifier's thoughtfully engineered design allows for convenient access. The case opens to a full 90 degrees, providing easy access to the F connectors, while the shielded amplifier casing swings out to 45 degrees. The casing includes an LED indicator to confirm power reception.

With a robust and water-resistant construction, the amplifier features seal-protected cable entry points to prevent moisture and insects from compromising its performance. The case securely closes with a satisfying "solid click" and includes an optional security screw for added protection.

Designed for linearity, the amplifier effectively handles strong local signals without compromising performance.

Installer-Friendly Design:

  • 90° Wide Opening Door for easy access.
  • Optional Securing Screw for added stability.
  • Heavy-Duty UV Stabilized Cable Tie for secure installation.
  • Dual LED Indicators for advanced short circuit protection.
  • Foam Seal Cable Entry Glands to safeguard against external elements.
  • Power LED on Amplifier for visual confirmation of power status.
  • 45° Swivel and Click Amp for flexible positioning.
  • Robust Wall Mountable Lugs for secure installation.
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 outputs for diverse setup requirements.
  • Low Noise Figures <2.2dB for superior signal quality.
  • F-Type Connectors for reliable connections.
  • Equipotential Bonding Point/Earthing Tag for safety compliance.
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